Nobody knows quality like Nighthawk.  Since 2010, we’ve been an industry leader in solid tires and tracks.

We’re committed to providing extraordinary value to our customers, and built our reputation on delivering products of superior quality and reliability.

We deliver on this commitment with The Nighthawk Advantage – our promise to you to always provide:

  • exceptional quality,
  • the industry’s leading warranty, and
  • our “best value” guarantee.

Nighthawk understands how track and tire failures can bring work to a complete stop, resulting in higher costs and lower margins.  Our Dura-Core™ Rubber Tracks and Dura-Flex® Solid Tires are constructed from our proprietary rubber compound to withstand all types of terrain and operating conditions.

Our Goal is to Eliminate Your Downtime.

Our team is available by phone at 1-855-429-5669 to answer your questions and help you find the best product for your application.

Steer Clear of Service Setbacks

We are constantly expanding our local distributor network to ensure our valuable customers have easy access to local service, support, and professional guidance.

In areas, where we do not have a local distributor, we are happy to go the extra mile and service our customers directly.